Clients about me

„Between February 2020 and January 2021, Ms Bruhn has contributed a lot in successfully resolving a conflict in my department. She succeeded in working out the key issues through individual discussions with the team members and managers. In the subsequent team coaching sessions, she provided the essential questions so that we could discuss solutions in a goal-oriented way. The solutions found have been bearing for a good nine months now. The motivation is high and there is a very cooperative atmosphere between team and leadership. The coaching sessions were an insightful process. It was fun to work out questions and approaches to solutions with Ms Bruhn.“, Head of Department, Robert Bosch GmbH

“I was sceptical, whether the question of where I should go professionally could be answered through coaching. But now I can recommend it to everyone. Coaching in the forest is without distractions and you can focus on the problem at hand. And that is usually missing in everyday life. With my second coaching session, I regained the confidence in my abilities and I know what the next right step is. I am very grateful for that.”, Sabine from Leonberg

“I have been wondering for a long time whether I would like to stay with my long-time employer or move on to new shores. I found it very gruelling not to have an answer to this question. Weeks of brooding and long lists of pros and cons didn’t help me either. During the coaching session with Andrea Bruhn, the knot finally broke. The answer was suddenly crystal clear. The method, the forest, but above all the clear and confident support of Andrea Bruhn were the key – and simply great. Since then I have been going through life light-footed again – and I am looking forward to what is still to come. Many thanks!”, Judith from Stuttgart

“The coaching sessions with Ms Bruhn take place in a very pleasant atmosphere, in which I felt welcome from the very beginning. Ms Bruhn offers a very professional frame, in which I felt taken seriously and understood with my concerns. With empathy, concentration and a variety of methods she supports in finding new paths. I can successfully integrate these into my everyday life. Thank you for your support!”, Ms D.S. from Möglingen

“I came with the question of what I am in the world for. With her clear, calm and friendly manner, Andrea Bruhn succeeded in working out answers with me from within myself to this admittedly very big question. I know my goal and some intermediate steps towards it. What was interesting about the compact coaching was that I realised how many milestones have already been reached, i.e. how far I have already come. That was very encouraging for me. I also took a few more steps with me.”, Ms E.G. from Stuttgart

“Andrea Bruhn leads you through the sessions calmly and confidently. I always felt very well taken care of, because she knows in a very pleasant way what she is doing. In our sessions so far, Ms Bruhn always gave me a clear view on the questions I came with. She uses different approaches that were exciting and always very appropriately chosen. Each of my sessions so far has really helped me with the issue at hand. Images, sentences, pathways and possible solutions that she helped me to discover have been with me since and continue to help me – even without her presence.”, Ms G.K. from Stuttgart

“In the coaching with Andrea Bruhn I appreciated the empathetic support and the attentive listener. I was able to bring up my concerns and took a concrete approach to solving them with me.”, Ms J.R. from Stuttgart

“One hour of focused reflection in a comforting atmosphere. That’s what I had hoped for or expected from the session. But Andrea Bruhn guided me so skilfully that, to my surprise, I ended up remembering strength and balance and earlier symbols associated with them. Why I forgot these in everyday life, I don’t know. But I am very happy to feel them again and to be able to use them.”, Ms A.E. from Stuttgart

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