About me

Born in Rostock and raised at the Baltic Sea, I have enjoyed having the wind at my back in life. But I also experienced unexpected breezes from the side or had to deal with headwinds. This strengthened me and made me set my sails anew.

I was a teenager living in East Germany at the time the Berlin Wall fell. The whole world opened up to me, into which I stepped out a few years later as a young adult full of curiosity. I studied and worked for six years in nine different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and was able to get to know people with very diverse backgrounds. I graduated with social science degrees in the United Kingdom and at an international university in Thailand. After my studies, I worked in development cooperation – for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the German Development Service (now GIZ).

After these exciting years abroad, I was happy to return to Germany. Since 2005, I have been working as a project manager in the areas of health and science at the Robert Bosch Stitung, Stuttgart, and am responsible for international projects.

With my husband, I appreciate the beauty of nature and the diversity of the world at home and in distant countries. Our adopted home is Schömberg, a climatic health resort in the Black Forest at an altitude of 650 metres.

During a challenging time, I qualified as a Life Coach to develop and strengthen myself. In the process I discovered my enthusiasm for supporting other people and since then I have been working as a coach and trainer. As a coaching space, I prefer nature, which has a positive effect on the process.

It fulfils me to experience how people activate their resources and unfold their full potential!

I would be happy to support you on your way!

More conventional CVs of mine can be found on LinkedIn and Xing.