Facilitation & Process Support

As a process facilitator, I support your institution in team workshops, strategy meetings, executive retreats and other important events in face-to-face, virtual and hybrid (some participants face-to-face, some virtual) settings.

While you concentrate fully on the content and the discussion, I take care of

  • the structure and goal-orientation of the meeting,
  • a culture of discussion that makes the best use of the resources of the participants,
  • applying suitable and tailored methods,
  • successful time management and
  • visualising and documenting the results and agreements.

Topics and objectives of your event could be, for example

  • Team development
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Feedback culture
  • Strategy & decisions
  • Problem solving
  • Change processes

Do you have any questions or already have an idea in mind?

Please feel free to contact me!

Feedback from A. Krönert, Board of Directors Palm-Stiftung e.V.:

“We would like to thank Ms Bruhn very much for the excellent facilitation of our Strategy Workshop and of our Board Meeting in 2021. Prior to the events, she helped us to select and focus on the right issues. Ms Bruhn chose tailored tools and successfully guided us through both meetings. She enabled discussions on eye-level among the heterogenous group. This proved to be very valuable as all participants support the results until today. I would be pleased if Ms Bruhn would continue to accompany us in our development process.”